ASSEMBLED Tissue Tassel Garland/Choose Your Colors

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Looking for a fun a way to decorate a party or even just decorate one of your favorite rooms?
Look no more!
These hand cut tissue paper garlands are adorably fun!

About the Tassel Garland

-Choose your quantity of tassels per garland

- Assembled garland is approximately 6 feet for the 16 tassels and 9 feet for the set of 24. You can also request more or less twine.

Assembled sets come with tassels assembled but not on the twine. You simply slide them onto the twine when you get them - that is the super easy part. (They ship best that way and we want to make sure you get your tassels in excellent condition!)

- Twine for hanging is included

- Made in the USA by Shoppe3130

- Made with 100% recycled tissue paper

- Choose from one of our pre-selected color kits OR

- Choose your own colors
up to... 8 different colors per set of 16,
10 colors per set of 20,
12 colors per set of 24
16 colors per set of 32
20 colors per set of 40
25 colors per set of 50

- Note that tassels are made in pairs (sets of 2) So you will need to order your tassel colors in pairs of 2.
(no odd #s per color)
Set of 16 in 4 colors - 4 navy, 4 metallic gold, 4 coral rose, and 4 birch
Set of 16 in 4 colors - 3 navy, 3 metallic gold, 5 coral rose, and 5 birch

If you order an odd # of colors and leave no details on the qty of each colors - we will send an even # of mix as close as we can to the quantity you order.