Children's Dress Up

Snips & Snails AND Sugar and Spice!

What are little boys and girls made of?

We know what they dream of and play with! 

Dinosaurs - Woodland Creatures - Super heros - Princesses - Cowboys - Fairies  - Tutus - Tea Parties

We want to help make life more fun! We have 4 little ones of our own and we totally understand the battle of getting our littles off the screen and into their imagination! 
Our own four children are our inspiration for our dress up items!
Check out some of our fun dress up items!
  • Super hero masks
  • Super hero cuffs and crowns
  • Dinosaur - Dragon Tails
  • Cowboy hats
  • Princess Crowns and wands
  • Fairy Wings
  • Fox and Owl Masks
  • Fox Tails
  • Tents
  • Character inspired tutu dresses