Classic Metal Drop Earrings

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These adorable metal teardrop, filigree and leaf earrings make the perfect gift!
Dress up by wearing with your favorite little black dress or grab your favorite jeans and tee and add a little bling and still be casual and chic!

Large Teardrop Earrings - About 1.5" wide x 2.5" long
Small Teardrop Earrings - About 1.5' wide x 2" long
Teardrop Cutout Hoop Earrings - About 2" wide x 2.24" long
Small Leaf Earrings - About 1/2" wide x 1.25" long
Filigree Teardrop Earrings - About 1" wide x 1.5" long
Filigree Bars - About 1/2" wide x 2" long
Open Hoop (About 1.25" wide x 2.5" long)
Diamond (About 2" long x 1.5" wide)
Drop Circle (About 2.5" long x 3/4" wide)
Small Leaf (About 1.5" long x 1/2" wide)

Fancy Hoop (About 1" wide x 2" long)