Confetti Filled Balloon(s)- Choose your Colors

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Pop for a burst of confetti!

Perfect for gender reveal photos, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and more!

Celebrate with one giant 36" balloon or three clear 18" round balloons pre-filled with confetti circles.

Feeling fancy? Add a tassel garland onto your 36" balloon!

Select your size: one 36" balloon or three 18" balloons

Choose your 3 Confetti colors

If you add a tassel garland, choose up to 6 different colors for your set of 12 tassels. (tassels are cut in pairs - so all colors must be in even #s)

Tassels are pre-cut, assembly required - see instructions in our photo below.

Balloon is shipped flat and already filled with the confetti.

Balloons require helium or air.

Balloons are made in the USA of high quality natural latex.