Fabric Fashion Necklace - Perfect for teething babies

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We originally made these necklaces because we have a baby who loves to pull and chew on all of my necklaces BUT soon realized how much I LOVE TO WEAR THEM!Ì´Ì_Now I wear them ALL THE TIME - BABY OR NO BABY!Every time I wear them - people ask me about them and compliment them.Ì´Ì_They are super fashionable and fun and perfect for any season.Ì´Ì_ We have as many people buy these are fashion statements as we do teething necklaces. They make the perfect little gift for showers, birthdays, bridesmaids, and friends!Whether you have a baby who needs a teething necklace (or a mom who needs a safe necklace to distract or entertain a sweet baby)- or if you are just looking for a fun and pretty necklace - these necklaces are such a great way to add a little touch to your outfit.Ì´Ì_Not only will they help make any mom who is feeling frumpy feel more like a pretty lady and less like a frumpy mom - they will also last for years and years. They are washable and completely safe for babies to chew. My own baby chews mine!Each necklace is made with soft, eco friendly cotton fabric and unfinished wooden beads which are knotted between each bead so that the beads will not come out of the necklace. The necklaces are finished with a satin ribbon to tie (making them adjustable in length) As with any product - we recommend that you do not let you babyÌ´Ì_sleep with these necklaces or play unattended.Ì´Ì_