Heat Pressed Dinosaur T-shirt - Hand drawn by Abram

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What do you do when God gives you little ones who are creative and talented? You let them have their own t-shirt design! This dino tee was designed by our 7 year old, Abram.Ì´Ì_ One Saturday afternoon Abram drew this picture. We scanned it into our software and printed it on a t-shirt. Ì´Ì_ This design is heat pressed onto a white t-shirt.Ì´Ì_ Ì´Ì_ Want your own custom designed t-shirt? Find our listing here - where your little one (or big ones) canÌ´Ì_design your own t-shirt and have it printed! Ì´Ì_ By the way -Ì´Ì_ Abram will receive a portion of each sale of his t-shirt design!Ì´Ì_ Ì´Ì_ Sizes 6 months - Adult 2XL Ì´Ì_ Production Time; 3-7 business days.Ì´Ì_ Note: Sizing for children varies. Example: If you order a Youth 6-8, you may receive a youth XS - if the t-shirt brand in stock is sized by letters and not #.