Leather Heart or Circle Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace with additional leather grommet pads-Aromatherapy Necklace

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Our leather heart and circle grommet oil diffuser necklaces are both trendy, casual, and most of all functional!Ì´Ì_ These necklaces are so cute you can wear them just for the style.Ì´Ì_ Whether you are looking for a unique diffuser necklace or one that is simply leather - either of these will surely to be a great addition for your oily needs! Ì´Ì_ Note: Color in the drop menu refers to the color necklace - not heart or circle Enjoy the benefits of your essential oils all day and even on the go!Ì´Ì_ This listing includes your choice of a leather heart necklace or a leather circle necklace.Ì´Ì_ The leather hearts are leather on both sides with the soft sides facing inside. Simply put your oil on the inside of the leather.Ì´Ì_ The circles are leather on one side and wool felt on the back layer. You would put your oils either on the back of the leather or on the felt.Ì´Ì_ Both of these necklaces come with one extra diffuser - making it easy for you to switch out the heart or circle for another scent.Ì´Ì_ You can also choose a suede (sometimes we may substitute a super soft deerskin cord if the color suede is not available) or choose a bronze tone or silver toned chain. Chains and suede necklaces measure approximately 21 inches long laid flat.Ì´Ì_ Want it shorter or longer?Ì´Ì_ We can make these up to 24 inches long at no extra charge. Simply leave us a note at checkout with the length you want.Ì´Ì_ Circles are 1 inch and hearts are about 1.5 inches Choose from 5 suede necklace styles:Ì´Ì_ Chocolate Brown SuedeÌ´Ì_ Light Brown Suede Black Suede Olive Suede Mustard Suede OR choose from two metal chain tones bronze silver