White Chalk Ink - Chalkboard Marker - Wet Wipe - Bistro Style - Choose from 3 sizes

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1 Chalk Ink - Chalk Pen - Chalkboard Marker - Chalk Marker - Chalk Ink Pen - Chalkboard Decal PenÌ´Ì_Writes on : Chalkboards, Plastic, Glass, and MetalChoose from 3 sizes - extra fine tip, fine tip (1mm) or broad tip (6mm)Wet Wipe. Comes off most surfaces with water.This Chalk Ink Pen works on any of our chalkboard decal / regular chalkboard! (It DOES NOT work on all chalkboard wall paint... If you have any questions, please message us before making your purchase.) We do use these pens on our painted chalkboards but on some painted surfaces it is possible that it may leave marks behind.White Chalk Ink Chalkboard MarkerChalk Ink is highest quality chalk marker on the planet. It works like a paint pen, yet looks like chalk. No dust, no smearing once dry. Perfect to use with all kind of chalkboard. These water based pigment ink markers work great with our Chalkboard Vinyl Decals. Just wipe off with a wet cloth or tissue.Check out our other chalkboard items:chalkboard clipschalkboard labelschalkboard standschalkboard paper photo propsÌ´Ì_