Book The Boutique Bus

The Shoppe3130 Boutique Bus


We are beyond excited to announce that we now have a mobile boutique in addition to our storefront at 510 West Avenue and our website!

What started as a Pinterest dream has become a reality thanks to the help of some amazing friends and community members!

We can’t wait to have you shop the bus and have a new and exciting shopping experience!


Interested in having Shoppe3130 attend your next girls night, office party, fundraiser, community event, etc? You've come to the right place! 


We recommend scheduling your party in advance to make sure we have that date available for you!  Invite ten or more of your friends to ensure you have a successful party.  If you're within 30 miles of North Augusta, SC it's completely FREE!!  (If outside of the 30 miles, there may be an additional charge and we can talk about that before scheduling the event). 





Set Up

Once we arrive at the location for your event or party, we will start setting up! To park at your location, we will need a 36' area in which to park the bus (about 3 parking spaces).  Wanting us to park on grass, gravel, or just your driveway? All of those are fabulous with us as long as the space is mostly flat.

Party Time

We'll be available to answer any questions you may have about the merchandise and will try to accommodate any requests you have from our current inventory - our ultimate goal is to provide your and your friends a unique shopping experience!  Browse through a selection of dresses, try on some jewelry, sip on a beverage and have fun hanging with a group of your 10 (or 50) closest friends! Snap some selfies - the bus was designed to provide you with a fun space to make and capture memories. (Tag us in your photos #3130BusBabe and @shoppe3130 on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest)

(Keep in mind that right now, because of Covid-19, we may require you and your guests wear masks and sanitize your hands while shopping. If we require masks - we will provide them. Also remember that we may limit the number of people inside the bus at a time to keep within social distancing safety recommendations. We will also have items racked on the side to provide more space if necessary.)

Pack Up

Once the party is over, we'll get the bus packed up and head out. It's as easy as that! 

Hostess Rewards & Incentives:

  • The party host will receive 10% of your party's total sales!  Ex: If your party sales are $800, you'll receive an $80 gift card!
  • For every $500 spent, the host will receive 30% off one item!

Fundraising Opportunties:

  • Book the bus for a fundraising event and we will donate a portion of sales to your organization. 
  • Perfect for teacher appreciation events, PTO events, church groups, and more!