30 Stories for Girls with God Sized Dreams

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  • Incredible stories of amazing women
  • Help girls to be brave and do huge things for God!
  • Hardback - 128 colorful pages

The amazing women portrayed in 30 Stories for Girls with God-Sized Dreams were once girls like you with God-sized dreams. Teach the children in your life that what God did through these women, He can do through them. Here are their exciting stories - to help them be brave and do huge things for God.

30 Stories For Girls With God-Sized Dreams

Sample copy:
Mother Teresa 
Nun (1910-1997)
Selfless Service
What if God asked you to give up everything you have to live a life wholly devoted to others? What if those people were the poorest of the poor? Mother Teresa gave her life to serve God by helping poor, sick, and lonely people in India.

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