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Honey Tower Pump by Savannah Bee Company for 12oz Jars

Honey Tower Pump by Savannah Bee Company for 12oz Jars

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  • Made specifically for Savannah Bee Company 12oz honey jars
  • Washable and reusable
  • Dispenses honey without the mess
  • Not for use with Whipped Honeys

Our Honey Pump is the perfect partner for our 12oz honey jars. No more sticky spills! No more overflowing spoons! No more wiping drippy jars! Our pump releases just the right amount every time -- and in the right place. That's clean and convenient.

Some assembly is required, and by that we mean there is a little plastic tube you'll need to connect to the pump before inserting the pump into the jar. Attach using the flat end of the tube. The angled end should be at the bottom of the jar. Rinse and let drip dry completely before using.

Want to use your pump with a new or different kind of honey? No probs! Just wash it in warm soapy water, making sure to submerge the end of the tube and work the pump mechanism until water comes out clean and tube appears free of honey. Repeat with clean water to rinse away any soap residue. Let drip dry completely before inserting into jar.

Is your pump in a jar of honey that has crystallized? No worries. Just follow the cleaning steps mentioned in the previous paragraph. While you're waiting for the pump to dry, melt out the crystallized honey by warming it gently in a pot of water on the stove. Learn more about crystallized honey on our blog. (It's not as bad as you might think.) And learn more about what to do with crystallized honey on our blog. (It's super easy.)

Is your pump too hard to press down? This could be due to a number of things. In general, thicker honeys are harder to pump than thinner honeys. Not much you can do there. First, make sure you assembled the pump correctly. The end of the tube at the bottom of the jar should be angled, not flat. Next, make sure your honey isn't crystallized. If it is, read the paragraph above on what to do. Lastly, try loosening the lid and then screwing it back on. Sometimes the pressure in the jar changes. We know this last one sounds like the I.T. Guy's solution to your computer problems ("Did you try turning it off and back on?") but it works.    

Can I use this pump with Whipped Honeys? Nope. They don't fit on those wider jars and the Whipped Honeys are too thick to move through the pump. We recommend using one of our spatulas instead.

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