Taking Responsibility for the Choices We Make

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In her book Taking Responsibility for the Choices We Make Leighann McCoy shares on "how to not only get out of your pity pool, but also how to become empowered to take charge of your life."  Usually the last person we hold responsible for our choices is ourselves.  Taking responsibility for those choices is the first step to making better ones.  Leighann will lead you to focus on what is real, to get on your knees before God, to listen to what He is saying, and to know that He is for you!

Taking Responsibility For The Choices We Make.
Leighann McCoy

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  • Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
  • Pages: 201
  • Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9781684089918
  • ISBN-10: 1684089913
  • Published by DaySpring

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